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Caramel Apple Twix Dip

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Something about caramel apples just screams "FALL IS HERE, BITCHESSS." Perhaps it's the mere combination of the sourness of the granny smith apples combined with the sweet taste of ooey-gooey caramel. Or maybe it's the fact that caramel apples include literally almost every color of fall... the burnt orange caramel, the dark brown chocolate, the bright green granny smith apples, or the deep, delicious red apples. OR MAYBE it's just that caramel apples are AMAZING. period.

Well... do we have a surprise for you. As if the taste of caramel apples isn't good enough, throw in some Twix bars, pudding mix, cool whip, and milk, and OH BOY, do you have a party!! Seriously though... this dip is bound to satisfy anyone and everyone. When we say we could not put the bowl down... we. could. not. put. the. bowl. down. And although you can eat this as a dip with pretzels (our favorite), apples, cinnamon chips, chocolate, potato chips, (basically everything)... we actually spooned this.... #wehaveissues #butweknowit #soitsok

And not to save the best thing for last or anything, but this literally takes 10 minutes to throw together. Did someone say "TELL ME MORE" ??? Your wish is our command:

Caramel Apple Twix Dip


4-5 Granny Smith apples

5-6 Twix bars

16 oz. tub of cool whip

Caramel sauce (brand of choice)

1/2 cup of milk

1 package of instant vanilla pudding mix


1. Add instant pudding mix, milk, and cool whip to a bowl and mix well until completely smooth.

2. Chop apples and Twix into bite size pieces and add to pudding mix.

3. Heat caramel in microwave and drizzle over dip.

4. Chill in refrigerator for at least 20 minutes.

5. ENJOY!!


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