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Cookie Butter Bark

All you need is THREE ingredients to change your life!! We absolutely LOVE cookie butter so we wanted to come up with an easy little treat that includes it! And oh my…we think we found our new obsession. Not only does is taste so good, but it looks SO cool. Oh, and you see that amazing swirly design?!?! Yeah, we did that.

The Cookie Butter we used is from Trader Joe's.

The Gingersnap Cookies we used are from Target.

Begin by melting the white chocolate and spreading evenly in an 8x8 pan. You’ll notice in the directions we said to keep a small amount of melted white chocolate aside. This is because when you melt the cookie butter, you are going to mix that little bit of white chocolate into the melted cookie butter. Why you ask? Well, cookie butter doesn’t exactly “harden” like chocolate does. So, mixing a little bit of white chocolate into the cookie butter will ensure that the cookie butter hardens in the fridge.

When it’s time to add the cookie butter mixture onto the white chocolate layer, you’re going to want to drizzle a generous amount all over. Don’t just drop clumps on top because this won’t make for a cool design! And we're all about looking professional, right? Take the tip of your knife and start drawing circular motions (or whatever you want) to make a unique design. Add the gingersnap pieces on top and THERE YOU GO!! Now let it cool in the fridge for about 20 minutes, cut/break into bark pieces and enjoy!!!

IMPORTANT: keep this dessert stored in the fridge at all times so it stays hard.

p.s. our mom was impressed with us on this one and it’s not easy to impress her so yeah…


8oz of Baker's White Chocolate

1/3 cup Speculoos Cookie Butter

Handful of Gingersnap Cookies


1. Line an 8x8 pan with aluminum foil.

2. Melt white chocolate in a bowl according to directions on the package. Pour into pan and spread evenly. (Keep small amount of white chocolate in the bowl for next step)

3. Melt cookie butter in a bowl (20 seconds increments - although, 20-30 seconds should be enough.)

4. Add a few spoonfuls of the already melted white chocolate into the melted cookie butter (this will help the cookie butter harden later.)

4. Drizzle a generous amount of the cookie butter/white chocolate mixture into pan on top of the plain white chocolate layer.

5. Use the tip of a knife (or really anything pointy) to swirl the Cookie Butter around. (This will make a cool design)

6. Crush up ginger snap cookies into small pieces and sprinkle on top.

7. Let chill in fridge until the bark has set and hardened. Break or cut into bark pieces. Enjoy!

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