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Fourth of July Oreo Brownies

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

When (not if) you make these Fourth of July brownies, we can promise you a couple of things. 1. They are INCREDIBLY delicious, and 2. they will be gone QUICK. The best part about these patriotic beauties is that they're so easy to make. This isn't a homemade recipe that requires measurements and skill. All you need is literally a box of brownie mix, the ingredients required for the mix, and a box of Oreos (Team USA limited edition). If you don't want our tips, tricks and suggestions, you can skip right to the recipe at the bottom of this page.

The critical ingredient here is obviously the Team USA Oreos. It's actually pretty crazy that we were able to get our hands on these red, white and blue beauties because, as we all probably know by now, the 2020 Olympics were cancelled due to COVID. Our guess is that Oreo had probably already produced a ton of Team USA Oreos by the time the Olympics were actually cancelled and had no choice but to stock the shelves with them rather than throw them all away (what a catastrophe that would've been). The good news is that the Olympics are now set to happen in 2021, which means there will be another round of Team USA Oreos for next year's Fourth of July!!

FYI - Don't worry if the store doesn't have the Team USA Oreos. Another good substitute is the red velvet Oreos. These have a red cracker and off-white filling. Although they won't be AS patriotic, they'll still be just as delicious.

We're going to keep this one short & sweet because of how easy and simple this recipe is. The first step once you make the brownie batter is to fill the baking dish with HALF of the batter. The reason for this is so the Oreos are set in the middle of the brownie. You could put the Oreos on top of the batter if you really wanted to, it would just give the brownies a different look when they were finished.

When we originally had this vision, we thought of double stacking the Oreos to give the brownies more color in the center. But, once we laid them out in the baking dish, we realized we didn't have enough Oreos (we should've bought two packages to do this). So our suggestion is this: if you want to double stack the Oreos in a 13x9 dish, buy two packages. Our alternative suggestion is to use a smaller baking dish instead. Let's say you used a 9x9 square pan instead, then you may be able to do the following: 1/3 layer of batter, a layer of Oreos, 1/3 layer of batter, another layer of Oreos, and then the remaining 1/3 layer of batter on top. This would create a thicker, more colorful brownie. We're going to try this next year :)

When layering the Oreos, start by fitting as many full size Oreos as you can (a 13x9 dish should fit about 15 full size Oreos). Once you can no longer fit full size Oreos, cut the remaining Oreos in half and fill them in around the edges of the pan (should fit about eight halves). Then, cut the remaining halves into quarters and squeeze them between each full size Oreo (should fit about 8 quarters). This technique will allow for more color to pop through with every cut of the knife once they're finished. Refer to photo above to see how we laid out the Oreos.

Once all the Oreos are set, pour the remaining batter over top. You'll need to lightly spread around the batter to cover all of the Oreos. Using a soft, flat spatula is best for this.

Then, just bake according to your box instructions. Whatever time frame your box recommends, err on the side of caution and set the timer for a couple of minutes earlier than the minimum recommended time. These tend to cook faster than regular brownies. Once your toothpick comes out clean, take these out of the oven and let them sit for about 30-45 minutes. The longer they have time to sit, the brighter the colors will turn out inside.

Now for the fun part....... the TOPPINGS.

Are you a chocolate sauce kind of person or do you prefer plain vanilla ice cream on top? Let us know your favorite toppings in the comments!! We're always looking for new ideas for our creations. We topped these off with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce (just melted semi sweet chocolate chips), and some blueberries. MY OH MY ....

Find the recipe here!


Your favorite brownie mix (we used Duncan Hines dark chocolate fudge brownie mix)

Ingredients called for on the brownie mix (eggs, oil, etc.)

Team USA Oreos (Limited Edition)


1. Make brownie mix according to box instructions.

2. Pour half of the batter into the 9x13 baking dish.

3. Layer the Oreos on the brownie batter (the dish should fit 15 full size Oreos. Cut the rest of the Oreos in half and into quarters to fit as many as you can without stacking them on top of each other).

4. Pour the remaining batter over the Oreos and lightly spread it around so all Oreos are covered.

5. Bake according to box instructions (these tend to cook a little quicker to go with the minimum recommended time on the box and maybe even check on them a few minutes early). Let brownies cool 30-45 minutes before cutting.

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