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No-Bake Oreo Dessert

OMG this stuff is to die for!!! If I could have one more dessert for the rest of my life, it would probably be this no-bake Oreo dessert (Jenna speaking). If you’re an Oreo person like myself, you NEED NEED NEED to make this! Honestly though, who isn’t an Oreo person? (If you aren't, that's weird.)

First step is to crush the Oreos. We put the Oreos in a ziplock bag and used the back of a spoon to crush them into pieces. Just throw the crushed Oreos into the pan and pour the melted butter in. Use a spoon to mix around all the Oreos into the butter (or use your hands if you wanna get down and dirty) and make sure all the Oreos are coated in butter. Spread the Oreos out evenly in the bottom of the pan. The butter is what will help the Oreos pack together!

Now it’s time to whip together the AMAZING pudding, cream cheese, sugar, and cool whip filling!! My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. So, here’s something important about this recipe. It calls for 3 cups of milk. WHOLE milk tends to work the best so we definitely recommend that over any other type of milk. The 3 cups of milk is strictly to make the pudding. DON’T make the mistake of making the pudding (with milk) and then adding another 3 cups of milk to the mixture. It’s a common mistake and the finished product will be disappointing! When done making the mixture, just pour it over the crushed Oreos and spread it out evenly.

Sprinkle the remaining Oreo's generously over top of the filling. You can always add more Oreos... there can never be enough Oreos!!! We like to have a lot of Oreo's on the bottom and the top because the more Oreo's...THE BETTER. Lastly, add your festive holiday sprinkles! Keep in the fridge for 2-3 hours before serving. We personally think this dessert tastes best on the second day because it's thickened up, the flavor has settled in, and the consistency is PERFECT.


2 packages of Oreos (we used about one and a half packages)

1/2 stick butter- melted

1- 8oz package cream cheese- softened

2 small packages vanilla INSTANT pudding (note: the 3 cups of milk written down below is going to be used to make the pudding. Do not make the pudding with the 3 cups milk AND use another 3 cups of milk.)

1- 8oz container of Cool Whip

3 cups milk TOTAL (**IMPORTANT**- WHOLE milk works the best with this recipe)

1 cup sugar

Holiday sprinkles


1. Crush Oreos and place in a 9x13 pan, saving some for topping.

2. Pour melted butter over Oreos. Mix the Oreos around in the butter so they’re all coated and then spread the Oreo’s evenly on the bottom of the pan (make sure the Oreos are pretty packed and close


3. In a large bowl, mix instant pudding powder and milk together until it thickens. Add softened cream cheese and sugar. Mix well.

4. Fold Cool Whip into pudding mixture and then spread over Oreos.

5. Sprinkle remaining crushed Oreos on top (if the remaining amount of Oreos isn’t enough to cover the top, crush up more Oreos and add them)

6. Add sprinkles.

7. Chill for 2-3 hours. The longer it chills, the better the result. Enjoy!

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